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  • State of the art air exchange and purification system including an antibacterial element

  • An experienced staff: each is a registered member of Pet Care Services Association (formerly ABKA) and has completed at least Level I of Certified Petcare Training and Testing

  • Monitored fire, security and sprinkler system

  • Webcams for viewing your pet

  • RB Rubber gym flooring (no concrete) to ensure the most comfortable play surface for your pet's joints and bones

  • Filtered and chilled water dispensers

  • Hygienic play toys (no fabrics) which are sanitized several times per day

  • An extra large comfortable grooming area that will allow for future expansion into massage and water therapies

  • Boarding including Luxury suites

  • Kuranda raised beds in our private boarding suites

  • Exclusive Grooming and Spa treatments

  • Dental hygiene

  • Stringent vaccination record keeping to ensure the safety and health of all of our guests - with timely notification to pet owners of expiring vaccinations for uninterrupted daycare/boarding services

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